Tuesday, February 14, 2012


TiVo's software incorporates the Linux atom and GNU software, both of which are accountant beneath adaptation 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). GPLv2 requires distributors to accomplish the agnate antecedent cipher accessible to anniversary being who receives the software. The ambition of this claim is to acquiesce users of GPL'd software to adapt the software to bigger clothing their purposes.4

However, Stallman believes TiVo baffled this ambition by authoritative their articles run programs alone if the program's agenda signature matches those accustomed by the architect of the TiVo.5 So while TiVo has complied with the GPL v2 claim to absolution the antecedent cipher for others to modify, any adapted software will not run on TiVo's hardware.

On the added hand, Linus Torvalds, the aboriginal columnist of the Linux kernel, has argued that it is adapted for TiVo to use agenda signatures to absolute what software may run on the systems that they sell. Torvalds has declared that he believes the use of clandestine agenda signatures on software is a benign aegis tool. Torvalds aswell believes that software licenses should attack to ascendancy alone software, not the accouterments on which it runs. So, as continued as one has admission to the software, and can adapt it to run on some added hardware, Torvalds believes there is annihilation bent about application agenda signatures to anticipate active adapted copies of Linux.6 Added Linux developers, including Alan Cox, accept bidding aberrant opinions.7

Stallman and the Free Software Foundation accept attempted to acknowledge to some of these concerns. They accept declared that their ambition is for GPLv3 to acquiesce clandestine agenda signatures for aegis purposes, but to still anticipate Tivoization.

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