Tuesday, February 14, 2012


One of the goals of GPL Version 3 is to anticipate "Tivoization". According to Eben Moglen, "the licence should prohibit abstruse agency of artifice of its rules, with the aforementioned accuracy that it prohibits accustomed artifice of its rules."10

Draft 2 of GPLv3 attempted to analyze this.11 However, some Linux atom developers were still anxious that abstract 2 GPLv3 may still prohibit benign uses of agenda signatures.12

In the third and fourth altercation drafts of GPLv3, appear March 28, 2007 and May 31, 2007 respectively, the anti-tivoization article was bound so as not to administer if the software is broadcast to a business.13 Thus, medical accessories and voting machines would not be covered. The final, official GPLv3 was appear on June 29, 2007 with no above changes in account to tivoization about to the fourth draft.

Linus Torvalds said he was "pretty pleased" with the new draft's attitude on DRM.14 However, he still does not abutment relicensing the Linux atom beneath GPLv3:

“ Stallman calls it "tivoization", but that's a chat he has fabricated up, and a appellation I acquisition offensive, so I don't accept to use it. It's abhorrent because Tivo never did annihilation wrong, and the FSF even accustomed that. The actuality that they do their accouterments and accept some DRM issues with the agreeable producers and appropriately wish to assure the candor of that hardware.

The atom authorization covers the *kernel*. It does not awning cossack loaders and hardware, and as far as I'm concerned, humans who accomplish their own accouterments can architecture them any which way they want. Whether that agency "booting alone a specific kernel" or "sharks with lasers", I don't care.

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